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Queensland’s Home of Goose on the Loose Premium Salami

3Geese are purveyors of fine artisan salamis. Our range of highly-awarded and unique flavours is an experience like no other for your taste-buds.

Duck and Juniper Salami

Our most highly awarded and top-selling salami. Australian Duck, blended with Juniper Berries and cured with duck fat, has given us a flavour profile that consistently wins the highest accolades from the Royal Agricultural Society. The unique flavour profile makes this Salami an ideal accompaniment to our Natural Sourdough Lavosh crackers. Best served with Gin & Tonic or a Pinot Noir.

$ 22.00 AUD

Australian Made Salami

Australian made using free range pork from the Darling Downs.

Our entire range contains pork, is gluten free and dairy free (except Pork with Blue Vein Cheese)

Family Owned

Operated by Glenn, Nicole and Joanne, 3Geese brings a delicious range of salami and supporting products to regional communities in Queensland.

Local Products

We source 97% of our ingredients from Australia, supporting our local producers. We're eager to bring the best products from around Australia to you.

Award Winning

Our salami is a unique and highly awarded range; we've been ranked the best in Australia since 2017. Try some and you'll see why!

Our Best Sellers

Pork and Blue Vein Cheese Salami

One of our top sellers, this traditional Italian-style pork recipe has been blended with a creamy Danish Blue Vein Cheese giving it an intense aroma and a gorgeous tangy aftertaste. We suggest pairing this unique flavour with dried fruits, fresh figs or pears, accompanied by a glass of red or sparkling wine.

$ 20.00 AUD

Chorizo with Smoked Paprika

Our Chorizo has no heat and is packed with delicious Spanish herbs and spices, including smoked paprika. This Salami has great fat content, so can be incorporated into your cooking or simply eaten as is with Manchego cheese and Spain’s signature drink, Sangria.

$ 20.00 AUD

Veneto Salami

Hailing originally from the Venice region of Italy, this Salami is naturally soft and delicate. Made with a subtle infusion of Red Wine, Garlic and Cracked Pepper it’s the ideal family all-rounder and always a popular choice with our customers. Try it with our Natural Sourdough Lavosh and Berber olives.

$ 25.00 AUD

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